Minnesota requires sellers of hemp derived cannabinoid products (including exclusive liquor stores) to register with the State of Minnesota. Retailers and manufacturers (including those that sell directly to consumers, such as breweries that make hemp-THC beverages) must register. Out-of-state manufacturers that sell online or to businesses in Minnesota must also register. 

By completing this form, your business will be registered with the Minnesota Department of Health as a Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Product business, a.k.a., an edible cannabinoid business. This is not a license. Licensing will be available at a later date through the Office of Cannabis Management and will be communicated to the business owner as identified on this form.

In addition, your establishment may be inspected by the Minnesota Department of Health to ensure the establishment is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Please complete the registration below.

***If you have more than one location please register each one separately****

Thank you

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